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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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is a beige or gray honda accord. just a few blocks away the fisher park parents are on high alert. >> this place has been a baseball field, and now it a park. it is really unheard of. >> is a reminder tom parents to keep a close eye on their kids. >> police say so far they received dozens of tips and right now they're following up on them. they say this case is their top priority and they assigned additional investigators to work on catching the suspect. >> maryann, thank you, we're following breaking news now in san mateo. a mountain lion has within cornered in a backyard on 9th
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avenue. you can see this yard here the mountain lion has been cornered in san may day owe. fish and game say they're still assessing the situation, and police are shutting down near by streets in is a few blocks away from downtown san m.a.ateomateo. fish and game started looking for this big cat after reports of sprat sightings in less than 24 hours. michelle roberts is on the scene. and we have andrew hewitt with the department of fish and wild life, are you with us? >> i am. >> can you tell us what is going on? is this mountain lion alive wraen is if or what can you tell us right now? you had it pretty well in hand there. there is a lion in a backyard on
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9th avenue. this is potentially a very dangerous situation. the first thing we want to do is ask people to stay away, so san mateo pd is on hand and myself and another game warden. there is no need to go in and make any rash moves right now. this is a scared and frightened animal. we'll have our nbc chopper over this backyard on or near 9th avenue, what are some of the concerns here for your department. what about the homeowners and neighbors what should we know? >> the first thing is officer safety, they're going to make every precaution so no one gets hurt. if you live near there or anywhere near there please stay in your house. it's not like the lion will come
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down the street and attack people if just gives us a chance to without having to crowd control, so if everyone can just stay in their house and watch it on tv this is the best thing we can do right now. it is just a scared and frightened animal that just wants to get out of there. we're going to take a couple different avenues, but right now we're going to wait and make sure there is a lion in there, get a good situational aawareness. >> we'll keep you close by if we need to get back to you later. good luck with this. that is andrew hewen. as andrew said no need to panic here if you're in this neighborhood, you're asked to stay away or if you're in your homes just say inside of your
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homes. we have a lot of officers trying to peacefully capture this mountain lion. >> we're going to the east bay now. police say a man attacked a 16-year-old girl along the iron horse trail on sunday morning. she managed to fight him off, the news shocked neighbors who say it is a safe place. >> usually it is mostly just bikers. people just walk up there or up the trail -- >> they say such attacks are rare in this area but they're working off of a suspect description because there are no cameras in that neighborhood. >> another major loss for the 49ers. justin smith announcing today that he is retiering. he played 14 seasons in the nfl
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including the last seven with the 49ers. he is the third 49 standout to patrick willis and chris boreland alsoñi stepped away.çóçó >> oracle arena will be rocking again tomorrow night,ñr ci_q down a5eu t opponent is the houston rockets. >> you come out and adjust the pace, but you just go in there with the mentalityçóñi that we will do whatever itñiçóçó takes to win the game ifçn r season and they won all four games. >> a milestone reached in san francisco's new central subway
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system. the tunnel runs from fourth and bryant to washington street in china town. work on the tunnel is now complete and mayor ed lee expect it'd in person today. mark matthew is there with our first look inside. how does it look? >> it looks pretty impressive. the third street -- the central subway tunnels are key line all the way from south of market where we are now town. if all goes well north beach and washingtoni square. >> the tunnel's project manager on a tour this morning. >> the tunnel itself is constructed and finished. >> and that makesçóñiçóñrññi about the halfwakroint. >> the trains are prr
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ngñr customers in 2019. >> the tunnels are a mile and a half, and wuking under one of them is an eerie feeling. the tunnelñi isçóñr ma%ñ of up 750 precast rings. they're numbers and bolted into place, razy now for the tracks. >> this is going to be one ol9] the best solutions, a great partñr ofñi the solution toxdçóñr congestion that weñi see in the ñicity. >> the tunnel completed in around year for $241 million. that makes them on time and on budget. reporting from south bay market -- >> that is something we don't hear too often. trains are rolling again along the corridor. amtrak started running this
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morning nearly a week after that deadly crash. new safety measures are in place as of now. including speed control and automatic breaking systems. in the meantime the information into the derailment continues and the fbi ruled out that gunshots were part of the cause behind the trains fractured windshield. the engineer says he doesn't remember the crash. >> new developments tonight after the deadly biker brawl in waco texas. local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are ready to respond. nine people were killed and officers made 170 arrests. police had advanced word there could be trouble. >> we encouraged them to work with us to eliminate of of
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thattivity to keep it from happening but that was to no avail. >> today, they revoked the franchise, and tonight why the police are pointing fingers at that restaurant why everything went down coming up at 5:30. >> we continue to follow our breaking news on the peninsula. our nbc chopper is there. añr mountainçóñiñr lion has befññi spott ixd #v get more information on this in just a few ñrminutes. we have a crew on scene. >>ñr someone was driving fast -- >> and caughtñi in the chaos, victim of this wild chase tells his side of the story. >> plus theñr death of a famous daredevil. new information on what may have gone çówrong. >>7iaññiçóñr and good afternoon, a cloud yan cool start to the week.
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59 degr right now and the clouds down toñi san joseñr we'reñixdñiñi tracking your microclimate forecast in a few minutes. and the fir=d m, the middle vulnerabilities the fire reveals and the scramble.
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now to our breaking news in san may day owe, a mountain lion is on the loose near downtown. it has been spotted several times today and police and fish and wildlife authorities thought they had the animal cornered in a backyard but it appears the hunt is still on for this big cat, let's go to michelle roberts who is live in san mateo, what can you tell us? >> i just got off the phone with fish and game and they said they do not have eyes on the mountain lion. they thought it was cornered in this neighborhood. they blocked off streets to make sure people are safe. we had our live truck about a block away and they said for our safety we had to move. cars are being drekded awayirected away from the neighborhood. someone said he was in a apartment complex pool. he was wandering around seemed
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lost obviously. i talked to the witness this morning and listen to what he said. >> it was just running around in the backyard there is a big pool back there, and it is all gated, so i don't know how it got back there, but just a big shock. >> we're about five miles away from the hills and east of el camino real. so at this point in the day, the mountain lion has been seen about three times. we don't at this point if it is cornered, but they are investigating a third sighting and they're taking a lot of precautions at this point, several from what i can see from my viewpoint shows streets blocked off. make thing sure people walk around this city block in san may mateo. they're asking people to stay inside and if you have small animals it's encouraged you bring them inside as well. live in san mateo, michelle
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roberts, bay area news. >> as you can see, these live pictures of san may day owe police basically going door to door looking for this mountain lion first spotted earlier at a pool at an apartment complex. since then it has been spotted off of el camino real. this is just outside of downtown san mayteo. it's been going on for a few hours. they're still looking for the big cap. nbc helicopters on the scene as well as michelle roberts, stay here for updates. he was going the wrong way against traffic for nearly 30 miles. the wrong way driver gave people in the east bay a scare last night as he was trying to elude police. it started in concord across two major freeways before ending up with a crash in a berkeley
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neighborhood. we are in berkeley where that chase ended in a collision. >> that's right, zia raro is okay now. the chase ended over there, just past the fresh tire marks just before midnight. >> i don't believe it either. just a few bumps and scratches on his head. he walked away after survivaling this scarey accident. that is his suv upside down after being hit by the wrong side driver. it was a chase that stretched 30 miles. >> all i saw was a car get close to me with no lights. that's all i remember. >> this began around 11:00 when police spotted a stolen car.
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but when he started going the wrong way, they backed off and tracked him by helicopter. he exited in berkeley where he was driving at extreme speeds. >> the suspect plowed into him. >> before it was close, i saw there was no light on. i the he was playing smart because there was a helicopter chasing him. >> the suspect ran and they started a house to house search but never found him. >> there is still no sign of the suspect. he told 911 dispatchers in the pursuit that he did not want to go back to jail. thank you. what went wrong? that's what many fans of extreme athlete dean potter are asking tonight after his death at
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yosemite national park. he was doing a jump with a partner and neither of their parachutes opened. he was known for wing suit flights and he base jumped with his dog on his back. he engaged in very dangerous sports, but he was always meticulous and extremely careful. more than 250 people have died base jumping since 1981. >> it has our attention and that's a good thing. a new field poll shows that 89% believe the water shortage is serious. and more than two thirds of the people that live here support the mandate to cut water use. half say they will find is hard to conserve and 70% higher water bills will be a serious problem. we'll have more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. >> brrr. that's all i can say.
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an unusual fraflt. >> very appropriate reaction it feels more like winter than late spring here, and the main reason why, not only today, but this past weekend it was so much cooler than average is the low pressure sitting across the west and that will not stay even a possibility of some showers, we can get a preview of that as it populates, but you can see that chill in the air, very consistent numbers here 61 in the south bay, also in san francisco, north bay today from our weather underground has had the most sunshine but anywhere to the south of the golden gate bridge and you see some of the cloud cover. from the oakland hills. 58 degrees and that is exactly what a lot of us dealt with today. it will not go anywhere here as we go through tomorrow morning's
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forecast. let's detail it for you on tuesday. getting up early for work and school and you see 49 here in the north bay. isolated drizzle in fran the east bay, and the peninsula. low clouds expected to the south bay as well. how does this play out for your forecast as we go throughout tuesday? it will stay cool with the clouds in place that will leaf us with 68 in san jose across the peninsula. clouded tomorrow palo alto more sun most of san francisco will stay in the 50s. soma, we got you in the 06s, it is just 606 degrees. that is for the north bay and east bay. we think we'll have partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. a cold wind in oakland and for the trivalley no possibility of
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any kind of 70s coming our way. we mentioned a chance for showers, it is still in the mix on thursday and friday. we'll have low pressure that we talked about. thursdays maybe into friday morning, nothing major but you might need the umbrella for just a little bit, and as we end it, it gets warmer and sunnier for saturday, sunday and monday. mid 70s in the south bay. north bay likely mid and upper 70s, a nice trifecta of awesome weather as go into memorial day weekend. >> we want to bring you live pictures from the scene. this is just off of el camino real where there is a mountain lion on the loose near the downtown area. at one point in the last half hour, he was cornered on 9th avenue but has now eluded authorities. police are reminding people to just stay in doors avoid the
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area we'll have another update coming up and more nice after the break.
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after months of dead ends police are helping the public to help crack a robbery case.
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this is a man and woman that investigators are looking for. they went into rose market and they left but police say the man came back minutes later with a gun and cleared out the cash register. he was seen running to a black or grey four-door sedan. >> we have more nice about the dead whales. the smell so bad that last week pacifica asked the san francisco recreational and parks department for help. here is the solution. they will bury the whales. they washed ashore within three weeks of each other beginning last month if is not clear when the burial will take place. >> berkeley's tax on soda is raking in big bucks. they became the first city in the country to adopt the tax. it brought in $116,000 it is on
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track to bring in an extra $1.2 million per year. the tax ask charged when stores receive the drinks it is up to the store to decide if they will eat the cost or pass it on to customers. >> employees of san jose's tech museum received an award from michelle obama via live feed from the white house. that is the highest museum honor you can reseed from the white house. they say it is the equivalent of an oscar or grammy. >> it is a fantastic validation of the work we have been doing here. we have really been focusing on how to become a getting resource for our community. >> congratulations, what a great
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award. >> up next we'll go back to our breaking news, the search for that mountain lion near downtown san may day owe. we'll have a update on what is happening here when we return.
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we continue to track our breaking news on the peninsula, an intense sergearch for a mountain lion near downtown san may day owe.
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they're trying to block the public and neighbors here. many streets are being closed off. it was spotted at least three times but it has not been cornered thus far. they're going backyard to backyard sergearching for this big cat. if you're in this area you're asked to stay indoors. finally tonight at 5:00 welcome to the twitter verse, mr. president. he got his very own twitter handle today. up until now he used the white house or his campaign account. his first tweet is hello, twitter, it's barack. bill clinton said does that user name stay with the office?
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#asking for a friend. his wife hillary is running. we'll see you back here at 6:00. on this monday night, gang warfare. 170 people facing charges after a gun fight leaves nine dead, 18 wounded. a horrific scene. authorities have never seen anything like it. hacking a plane? a computer expert and what he says he did from his seat and what the fbi is telling us tonight. mansion murder mystery. who killed a family inside their home and set it on fire. tonight, bizarre clues are emerging as police hunt a person of interest caught on camera. tragedy at yosemite. the death of a legendary daredevil who rose to fame by living life on the


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